Travel cancelation insurance in 4 steps

Trip cancelation insurance covers cancelation costs that occur if you are not able to travel unexpectedly. Covered events are, for example, acute illness of the insured person or one of the relatives, an accident or pregnancy. Insurance shall be taken out directly after booking the trip, but no later than 30 days prior to departure.

Deductible: In case of unexpected serious illness the deductible is 20% of the reimbursable damages, at least € 25.00 per insured person, if full inpatient hospital treatment is not necessary.

  1. Get a quote: the system checks based on basic travel data if trip cancelation insurance can be provided. Note: Cancelation insurance needs to be booked 30 days prior to departure the latest.
  2. Personal data: data entry and selection of payment option
  3. Verification & payment: confirmation of entries and connection to secure payment website
  4. Insurance documents: after successful payment insurance documents will be available and sent by e-mail

You may pay the total amount for your travel insurance by credit card or Paypal or you choose direct debit from a bank account based in Germany (either monthly or total amount). CareMed will automatically charge the insurance premiums immediately upon payment.

Families may book insurance for the entire family together by indicating the total travel costs. Relatives of the insured person will also be covered as persons at risk.
In case of several travelers each traveler purchases travel cancelation insurance for own portion of costs. There will be insurance coverage for persons who have booked a trip as well as insurance together.
Example: Two friends have booked a travel together and they have both taken out trip cancelation insurance for their part of the costs with CareMed. In case that one of the travelers is unable to travel due to an insured event, e.g. unexpected hospital stay, cancelation costs for the second person will also be reimbursed.

Get a quote

Please indicate all data truthfully as they are decisive for the choice of the applicable insurance. Thus, you ensure receiving appropriate insurance cover for your stay abroad. Travel documents may be required as proof in case of a claim.

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