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Students’ international mobility becomes a must-have. Studying abroad or working as an intern improves your educational abilities, broadens your horizon and evolves intercultural skills. Even if you do not have a term or a complete academic year, educational travel offers so many opportunities, also if you go abroad for a few weeks: language classes, summer schools, volunteer jobs during your semester break or research work for your thesis for example. Of course, this insurance also applies to other university members as guest scientists and their accompanying family members.
Are you participating in another program or you plan a different kind of journey abroad? Here you will find insurance coverage according to your project needs and visa requirements.

Once you have decided on your stay abroad, check precisely which health coverage is needed in order to take out your travel insurance prior to departure from home country. Depending on your travel destination you may already get insured from €27,00/ US$42.70 per month for your semester abroad in New Zealand or Germany, for example.

Why do students need travel health insurance abroad?

  • Insurance guidelines: Ask your exchange university or in case of an internship your employer for specific insurance requirements. It may be necessary for students and interns to prove sufficient health coverage as well as accident and third party liability insurance.
  • Visa requirements: Depending on your travel destination and type of visa you may be asked to provide applicable health insurance when entering the country. CareMed insurance plans fulfill requirements for the following visa among others: F1, F2, H2B, J1, J2, M1 visa for entry into the USA, Schengen visa for entry into the European Union and all tourist visas.
  • Customized insurance cover: Travel health insurance covers acute illnesses, injuries and accidents and offer a broad protection to international students. You may select health/accident insurance with or without deductible. If you choose health insurance coverage with a deductible you pay up to €50 or €/US$100 per illness or accident yourself, depending on your insurance plan. This is a possibility to reduce your insurance premium. Check if you need additional coverage such as accident and third party liability insurance, luggage insurance or travel assistance and make your choice. Depending on your personal situation, trip cancelation insurance can be useful which is taken out separately. You may choose your components individually during enrollment for CareMed insurance.
  • Unlimited medical benefit: Comprehensive cover and medical repatriation to home country are essential when traveling abroad. Treatment costs abroad can get very high and unexpected medical bills may lead to a huge financial setback. If you do not have insurance through your university, you should take out travel health insurance to cover these costs.
    Even if your host university provides medical cover for your study abroad or if you are insured to some extend within the EU through the social security treaty, it is recommended taking out travel insurance additionally as not all costs are covered. Thus, with student insurance you are able to avoid own expenses, for example a deductible/excess, co-payment and costs for any medical treatment. Helpful information concerning European health insurance (EHIC) can be found on the European Commission website.

Benefits of CareMed travel health insurance for students and interns

  • Transparency: Complete information and terms & conditions are available prior to online enrollment. Certainly, we also point to limitations and exclusions to ensure clarity.
  • Online enrollment & security: You easily submit your insurance application online and process the  payment via a secure and certified platform. Subsequently, multi-lingual insurance documents will be available. Additionally, they will be e-mailed to the indicated address. You may need to present your insurance confirmation to the international office and in case of a visa application.
  • Sustainability: Insurance documents will be sent eco-friendly by e-mail. This also has the advantage that you may enroll on short notice prior to departure. The upper part of your insurance confirmation serves as an insurance card to keep with you for any emergency.
    You need to see a doctor during your travel and wonder how claim submission works with CareMed? Your multi-lingual insurance documents including all necessary information are sent to your e-mail address and are additionally available any time via your login.
  • Versatile all-round protection: Our insurance plans are valid for your study abroad period and you are also protected during the time you visit preparatory language courses or if you stay in the country longer than your university classes. You benefit from CareMed insurance coverage regardless of your student status abroad, even if you are going on trips or holidays to other countries which belong to the same geographical insurance cover.
  • Flexibility and fairness: You enroll for the maximum time period you intend to stay abroad. In case you return home earlier, we will reimburse remaining complete months minus an admin fee (€12,80/ US$15.00) if no payable claim has been submitted.
  • Coverage & quality: All CareMed health insurance plans provide unlimited medical coverage and include medical repatriation to your home country. Costs will also be covered if you need to see a private doctor (in the USA within the First Health Provider Network). There is no co-insurance included. This way, you will be optimally insured for your academic experience abroad.
  • Worldwide assistance: In case of emergency, CareMed Assist is pleased to help as soon as the assistance coordinators receive your call. Direct payment to medical facilities can be arranged by calling our multi-lingual 24-hour-service instead of having to pay up-front. Also further benefits may be organized, for example medical repatriation or family reunion.
  • Your insurance specialist for educational travel: CareMed has been working in international youth exchange for almost 30 years. All your contact persons know from their own experience abroad about cultural exchange, e.g. as an au pair in the USA and Germany, language student in Spain or intern in New Zealand. Beyond, we regularly take part in international fairs and workshops to learn more about current trends and developments in education travel and to anticipate students’ needs as well as new visa requirements. Feel free to contact the CareMed team for any questions. Get informed and thus enjoy your adventure abroad after a good preparation.

Does CareMed travel insurance apply to you?

Our travel insurance applies to all nationalities and can be purchased for worldwide destinations. If you are planning a stop-over in the USA or Canada, you select “worldwide including USA & Canada” for global coverage. You will be able to request a quote easily and on an anonymous basis online. Enroll for student insurance today. 
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Besides student insurance, you would also like to enroll for trip cancelation insurance? This coverage is taken out separately and covers cancelation costs in case that you are unable to leave your country due to an unexpected severe illness or accident, for example.
Further information on trip cancelation insurance

You are traveling abroad for a different reason? CareMed also provides travel insurance for other travels, e.g. if you are staying abroad as a volunteer, work & traveler, au pair or tourist. Further information at

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