Insurance application in 4 steps

  1. Get a quote: the applicable offer is shown based on basic travel data, then insurance cover may individually be selected.
    Note: Travel insurance needs to be taken out for the entire stay abroad.
  2. Personal data: data entry and selection of payment option
  3. Verification & payment: confirmation of entries and connection to secure payment website
  4. Insurance documents: after successful payment insurance documents will be available and sent by e-mail

Insurance coverage has always to be taken out for the entire stay abroad. In case you don't know the end date of your trip, you enroll for the maximum travel period. Depending on your insurance option, the maximum insurance period is 13 or 24 months, first. Please be aware that renewal cannot be guaranteed. In case you return home earlier, you may request a reimbursement, details are shown below (see "insurance changes"). Depending on your destination, you may select destination worldwide or worldwide without USA & Canada. Consequently, you are very flexible concerning the countries you are traveling to. During the application process you simply enter your first travel destination without considering stop-overs.

You may pay the total amount for your travel insurance by credit card or Paypal or you choose direct debit from a bank account based in Germany (either monthly or total amount). CareMed will automatically charge the insurance premiums immediately upon payment.
(A wire transfer of the total amount is also possible, however, this option is not available online. In this case you send the completed and signed application form by e-mail. Bear in mind that you will receive your confirmation the following business day after receipt of the total amount on CareMed's bank account.)

Each person will be enrolled individually in accordance with the specific situation and requirements. Therefore insurance plans may differ from each other.
After submission of your first application and payment you may enroll further persons with same travel dates. Basic data will be kept so that you may either adapt or save it prior to insurance application.

Changes/corrections: Your travel period is rescheduled or you would like to adapt insurance coverage? Inform us in written about your changes prior to insurance start and we are pleased to change your insurance accordingly.
Cancelation/early return: All changes are possible prior to insurance start, also your insurance may be cancelled free of charge. If your CareMed insurance has started, you may request an early return for remaining months after a written notification to CareMed (minus an admin fee of  €12,80/ US$ 15.00) if no payable claim has been submitted.
Renewal: In case your stay abroad is extended unexpectedly, you log in online to request a renewal of your insurance prior to the date of expiration. Please note that a renewal cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, always take out insurance coverage for the maximum travel period.

Get a quote

Please indicate all data truthfully as they are decisive for the choice of the applicable insurance. Thus, you ensure receiving appropriate insurance cover for your stay abroad. Travel documents may be required as proof in case of a claim.

Travel insurance while abroad

Travel insurance coverage should start prior to the start of travel and should be purchased for the entire stay abroad. As your travel has started and you are already abroad, we need additional information in order to select the right kind of insurance coverage for your stay abroad.
CareMed insurance can only be purchased if medical treatment is currently not necessary. Pre-existing conditions are excluded from insurance coverage.

Please contact us immediately so that we can discuss your personal situation. We will check if CareMed insurance applies to you: +49 (0)228 55 54 90-0. Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5.30 pm CET. Out of office hours: please e-mail us your situation as detailed as possible:

CareMed is not able to provide applicable insurance coverage as you have been abroad for more than 3 months without any insurance. In case of questions please contact the CareMed team, we are happy to assist (, +49(0)228 55 54 90-0).

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